School of Honors
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Honors students are among the best and brightest at Stephen F. Austin State University. Many SFA honors students have presented their work and research at events across the nation, including professional and academic conferences on topics such as Web development, multinational culture and scientific studies. These students also travel the globe, both independently and with SFA-led study abroad programs, to experience other cultures and expand their knowledge. SFA honors graduates have furthered their educations at high-quality and prestigious universities and professional schools throughout the country.

The objective of the School of Honors is to promote the intellectual curiosity of the university’s most capable students, enabling them to confront complex issues. To accomplish this, the program offers small classes specifically designed to develop high-order thinking skills, expand the scope of investigations and explore issues in greater depth than is possible in conventional classes. The program also features interdisciplinary courses that encourage students to make connections among diverse areas of learning. Finally, the Honors School endeavors to develop students who are prepared to become active and thoughtful members of the university community by involving faculty members working together with honors students on challenging topics.

"In this age of reduced state support for higher education and increased tuition for students, financial assistance from private donations has become essential. Of course, donors help us to provide scholarship aid to our students. But private donors also allow us to purchase much needed laptops, provide financial assistance for student conference travel and invite internationally renowned speakers to SFA. Private donors are a necessity today for us to provide a top-rate education. This is even more the case at a school like SFA that serves so many first-generation students. Without a college education, their opportunity to achieve middle-income status in a globally competitive world is much diminished."

—Dr. Michael Tkacik, School of Honors


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Scholarships/Program Support

  • Harold M. Wisely Honors Fund
  • Hoops for Scholars Scholarship
  • Wisely Honor's Program Support


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