Your Investment Grows at SFA
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Bruce McMillan, Jr. Foundation Scholarship 
"By awarding me this scholarship, you have lightened my financial burden, which will allow me to focus more on my learning. It has also inspired me to work even harder at my studies than before. Thank you so much."

—Madeline Gibbs

Thomas J. and Warrena Taylor Scholarship
"Along with my responsibilities as a full-time student, I have also spent the last three years as a part-time employee of the university; however, I will not be able to continue working in the Fall 2012 semester due to the demanding curriculum and clinical schedule of the nursing program. With the support of this scholarship, I have been relieved of some of my financial burden, giving me the ability to put forward all of my energy and dedication into becoming the best qualified nurse that I can be."

Alyssa Crawford

Lumberjack Leverage Scholarship
"Your geneorsity has inspired me to help others and give back to the community. I hope one day I will be able to help students acheive their goals just as you have helped me."

Cedric Landers

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