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Establishing an endowment is a way to perpetually lend your support to Stephen F. Austin State University. Below are some frequently asked questions about endowments and their establishment.

What is an endowment?
An endowment is a gift made to the SFASU Foundation, Inc. to be held in perpetuity. This means that the gift is invested, and only a portion of its average annual earnings is used for purposes specified by the donor. The remaining investment return is added back to the principle to offset inflation.

Information to consider when creating an endowment:

What type of endowment is it?
Program Support

What will the name of the Endowment be?
If you are creating the endowment in honor or memory of someone, let us know why. Please provide a brief description of who the person is and why he/she is important to you.

What will the initial gift amount be, and when will it be given?

Will other individuals be giving to this endowment?

What is the purpose of the endowment?
Consider which academic or athletic area the endowment will support.

If the endowment is a scholarship, think about the criteria the recipient must have.
Undergraduate vs. Graduate

How are endowments managed?
The endowment investment policy of the SFASU Foundation, Inc. has a dual goal of preserving the purchasing power of the assets throughout time and providing a stable flow of funds to meet distribution commitments. This, in turn, will allow future generations to benefit from the endowment at the same level as the current generation.

To ensure that an endowment produces sufficient funds in support of a particular area designated by the donor, both now and in the future, the Foundation has established minimum monetary support levels for various types of endowments.

What types of endowments exist?
Faculty Chairs or Professorships (starting at $250,000)
An endowed faculty chair or professorship provides resource funds that distinguish a faculty member's work, reward achievement in the academic world and enable the professor to pursue new areas of research or innovative teaching methods. This type of endowment allows SFA to attract and retain the finest scholars.

Scholarships (starting at $25,000)
Scholarships enable SFA to attract and provide educational opportunities to many talented and deserving students. Endowed scholarships may be named in honor or memory of someone. Donors may determine the criteria for how the scholarship funds will be awarded whether it is based on financial or academic need.

Lecture Series (starting at $175,000)
Lecture Series provide SFA the opportunity to bring established speakers to campus while enabling students the opportunity to interact with professionals in their field.

Operating Fund
Discretionary funds earmarked for a particular department, college or program at SFA will enable that area of the university to respond to unexpected opportunities and provides a significant level of flexibility to the designated area's programs.

Can an endowed gift be funded over a period of time?
Endowed gifts can be created up to a five-year period with the ultimate goal of reaching the minimum level for that particular type of endowment. For instance, it takes $20,000 minimum to endow a scholarship. A donor may opt to pay $4,000 each year for five years to reach the scholarship endowment level. Once the minimum level is reached, additional contributions may be made at any time.

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