Arthur Temple
College of Forestry and Agriculture
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The Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture maintains excellence in teaching, research and outreach to enhance the health and vitality of the environment through sustainable management, conservation, and protection of our forests and natural resources.

In the educational program, students receive classroom and field-based experiences to prepare them for their professional careers. Academic courses provide learning opportunities that encourage and inspire students to approach forest resource, social and environmental issues in a critical yet creative manner, identify and analyze key elements, and articulate ethical solutions.

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Scholarships/Program Support

  • A.T. and Patricia Mast Arboretum Fund
  • Aulton J. Derrett Scholarship
  • Bonehill Foundation Professorship
  • Bruce R. Miles Scholarship
  • D.A.R. Forestry Scholarship
  • Dr. Hiram and Gloria Arnold Distinguished Professorship
  • Edd Ballinger and Alice Long Scholarship
  • Ellis Hunt Memorial Scholarship
  • Floyd and Donna Mize Scholarship
  • Gail Q. King, Jr. Scholarship
  • Gene Samford Memorial Scholarship
  • Honorable Jerry K. Johnson Scholarship
  • Horace Mast Scholarship
  • Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Scholarship
  • James B. Hull Forestry Scholarship
  • Joe C. Denman Professorship
  • John and Pauline Kronrad Memorial Scholarship
  • John and Vesta Sullivan Scholarship
  • Kenneth Nelson Memorial Scholarship
  • Kenneth Nelson Professorship
  • Lacy H. Hunt Forestry Professorship
  • Laurence C. Walker Distinguished Professorship in Forestry
  • Laurence C. Walker Scholarship
  • M. Victor Bilan Memorial Fund for Excellence in Forestry
  • Oran Standley Memorial Scholarship
  • PWCC Fund
  • Raymond "Chick" Dolezel Environmental Science Scholarship
  • Richard L. "Dick" White Scholarship
  • Robert E. Attebury Scholarship
  • Robert E. Minton Professorship
  • Rockwell Forestry Chair
  • Ruby Mize Azalea Garden Fund
  • Sam B. Hayter Scholarship
  • Shelah Aiken Youth Agriculture Scholarship
  • Southland Paper Mills Foundation Scholarship
  • Theresa and Les Reeves Lecture Series Fund
  • Timmy Bronaugh Scholarship
  • T.L.L. Temple Chair
  • Tommy B. and Lucille Jackson Slaughter Scholarship
  • Virginia and John Winston, Jr. Forestry Scholarship
  • W. Goodrich Jones Forestry Scholarship
  • Zady Wilson Scholarship

"Over the years,  I have been able to witness the positive impact that the benevolent gifts of our friends have had on so many facets of the Agriculture program.  From the development of the SFA Gardens to the enhancement of the Walter Todd Agricultural Research Center, these donations have made all the difference in helping us provide quality instruction and outreach opportunities to our stakeholders."

Dr. Dale Perritt,

"The Temple legacy is more than just the name on the front of the forestry building on our campus — it is the technology and intelligence that is literally affecting the air that we breathe and the water we consume. In his gift to the SFA forestry program, Arthur Temple gave a gift to us all."

—Dr. James Kroll,
Rockwell Professor of Forestry at SFA

Famous Lumberjacks

Kevin Mullally ’71, Washington, DC 
Mission director for Rwanda, US Agency for International Development, US State Dept.





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